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WELCOME to my site and thanks for checking me out. I became a writer at the ripe old age of 13 when I won a short-story contest in the San Francisco Examiner which is now defunct. And I dabbled with writing most of my life but became serious about it when I got my psychology degree. Counterfeit Lottery is the first of three comedy/mysteries in a series, starring, da dummmm, Lily Handy, a 30-year-old struggling actress who ends up solving murder cases with her acting class skills. She uses the acting class to help her out, but she realizes that acting in all its forms can be a substitution for really living. Creating real characters, finding their motives and discovering their secrets can be much more rewarding when the characters are REAL and in trouble.

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Introducing the newest series by the creator of the hugely successful Counterfeit Lottery books. A sympathetic, but seemingly dependent protagonist; a dead American Indian actor who turns out to be Italian; a small-town rife with corruption; and a set of characters, all looking guilty—what could go wrong?

Everyone thinks crime photographer Meggie Monahan is back home in Weyburn, Massachusetts to rebuild her father’s playhouse—until the dead body of an American Indian crashes through the playhouse’s door in the middle of winter. Then the tables turn: Could she really be the link between hundreds of dead undocumented sex-slave workers and the local mob, hoping to help her husband take over the action?

After a deadly fire that demolishes the playhouse, the kidnapping of her sister, and the passionate love of an ex-police detective, no one is sure of anything except that Meggie is uncovering way too much, way too fast. The fatalities are inexplicable—no motives, a knife as a murder weapon, and no suspects.

Could one person really be responsible for all these unthinkable crimes? Meggie intends to find out—if she lives to tell the tale.

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