Today I was thinking about my father–a self-made man and author in his own right. At my last book signing, for Counterfeit Lottery in Vegas, I felt his presence by my side and thanked him. Maybe if there are 5 sense, there really are 6 senses and 7 and INFINITE senses.

So, it’s important to blog, just so you know I’m out there. And I am out there! Hopefully you are reading and enriching your life.

Hot Shot

Hot Shot

Hot Shot: Actor and bartender, Tyler West experiences a sudden streak of luck — winning poker games. Determined to change his life, he enters the World Series of Poker. His life is suddenly turned upside down when the Russian mafia fronts him 1.5 million dollars to play at the tables. And then…he loses…

Now on the ride of his life, deceit and deception are his key to uncovering the truth. He must recoup the money, but will it come at a price? Can he stay alive long enough or will his time run out?

I find it very necessary to take a couple of days off writing, even if I’m in the middle of an important part of my book or article. A lot of people say they write for 10 or more hours a day, but I hope they mean they incorporate thinking about their piece as much as sitting at the computer that long. I am thinking about my work constantly, but actually sitting at the computer is early morning and sometimes late afternoon. The rest of the time I’m in the gym, with friends, going to museums, art galleries, acting workshops, reading plays and listening to others’ work to expand what I write about.

The greatest way to get your name out there is to have a subject that appeals to “everyone.” Well, duh, that isn’t so easy, but what is easy is determining that many people need or want a therapist. But how to get the right therapist is the question. I dedicate this post to helping you, the consumer figure that out, then pass it on. You want someone who is well recommended, who you have already met at another venue, or who works with either talk therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy depending on the problem you present. If you have an addiction such as alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, etc. you will want a cognitive behavorial therapist–you will be “doing” something each session to enhance your power over your addictin. If you have more long term problems from childhood, and who doesn’t? you will want talk therapy. It works. You gain rapport with your therapist. And if he or she doesn’t talk too much, you will be able to present your story, find out where your feelings come from and gain control over them. More next time.

WELCOME to my site and thanks for checking me out. I became a writer at the ripe old age of 13 when I won a short-story contest in the San Francisco Examiner which is now defunct. And I dabbled with writing most of my life but became serious about it when I got my psychology degree. Counterfeit Lottery is the first of three comedy/mysteries in a series, starring, da dummmm, Lily Handy, a 30-year-old struggling actress who ends up solving murder cases with her acting class skills. She uses the acting class to help her out, but she realizes that acting in all its forms can be a substitution for really living. Creating real characters, finding their motives and discovering their secrets can be much more rewarding when the characters are REAL and in trouble.

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